About Lake Crystal First Baptist Church

Some common questions about First Baptist Church:

What is your church like?

One thing we know from the Bible is this:  that church is not buildings, or programs, or offerings.  Church is people. We are regular people, just like you.  We love our families, we work hard, we want to experience joy and peace and success.  We are far from perfect people, and will be the first to admit that fact.  As a church, we gather together to discover what God has said, to honor Him, and to help each other live lives that please God. 

Okay, but what would it be like to visit your church?

There’s a place for everyone here.  If you attend our service, you’ll hear a lot of the Bible taught and explained.  We believe that while people’s opinions matter, God’s thoughts matter more.  But during the service, we smile a lot, laugh a lot, sing a lot, and just plain enjoy being together and experiencing God’s presence. 

We also have special ministries for all age groups.  You can find out about those on the “our ministries” page.

What is a “baptist”, and do I have to be one to visit?

The answer to the second part is “no, you don’t have to be one to visit.”  As a matter of fact, there are many of us who have come from a variety of church backgrounds, and some from no previous church experience at all.  Anyone is welcome at any time.

The first part is a little more involved, but the important part is, we are Christ followers.  That’s what the word “Christian” means, to be “like Christ.”  And so that’s our focus.  We believe that our lifestyle should mirror the life of Jesus as much as we’re able by God’s help.  We are dedicated to knowing what God wants from us and then doing it, realizing that His ideas and expectations for our lives are far better than anything we can come up with.  If you would like to know more specific details about baptist teachings, a great place to look would be here.

Our Ministries

Sunday Morning Worship-10:30 am.  Come join us in-person or online!

Women’s Bible Study – Monday evening’s at 6:00 pm

Sharing Shelf – Tuesday nights 6:00 to 6:30 pm

Youth Group – Wednesday nights 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Our Partners

Shetek Baptist Camp-for kids and students who have finished 3rd through 12th grade.  If you are interested in being part of this great camp experience, you can learn more about Camp Shetek located near Slayton, Minnesota at https://www.campshetek.com/.  We also offer camp scholarship assistance for those who have need.  Please let us know if we can assist in this way.  

Gentle Shepherd Ministries-this is a ministry to seniors in  care facilities, inmates in county jails and rehabilitation facilities, directed by our long-time pastor and current member Jerry David.  Learn more about Pastor David’s ministry at https://gsm.infaith.org/